Brunch and Brewery Tour

The special ‘Beerunch’ summer tour!


$41 per participant

Saturday-Sunday @11:00am - 01:10pm

Groups: Min 6 - Max 12

Special Alt. Route!

Enjoy our tour experience with a special twist! This tour event is in collaboration with Slackwater Brewing’s food menu. Drinks and food not included in price. Note: Lunch or Brunch (Brunch menu available on Saturdays) orders will be collected prior to start of tour but will be paid for upon arrival at Slackwater Brewing.

You and your Group will enjoy tastings at three partnered breweries. 1. Meet at Bad Tattoo Brewing @ 1050. 2. Take the Pedal Vehicle to Tin Whistle Brewing for our second Brewery tasting stop on our special route. 3. Finish our tour at Slackwater Brewing to enjoy some good food and brews. Tour is only available on Saturday & Sundays at 11:00am – 01:10pm during promotional season (2022).

Food will be served when we get to our final destination at approximately 12:40pm. You do not have to order food to join in this tour.

See FAQ for common questions and answers before your tour.


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May - September 2022

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